The 2008 Recap

2008 has definitely brought many good times and endless memories!  The year began in January when Jackie and I went to New York City for the Mudd Girls Move the World Photoshoot!! Exercise is a major part of managing my diabetes, and this year, taking Yoga classes brought my blood sugars in the 20’s and taught me a lot about maintaining my blood sugars during exercise!!!!

We turned 19 years old! We sang for the opening game of the UNLV baseball season! In March, Jackie and I found out from a comment on our myspace that we were in an ad in Teen Vogue Magazine! We wanted to say Thank You Mudd for giving us the opportunity to help bring awareness to Diabetes. Jackie and I sang the National Anthem at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway on April 13th for NHRA! We made an account on YouTube. We uploaded only 3 videos in 2008, but now that we got the hang of it, watch for more in 2009!

Diabetes was definitely a big part of 2008. I had breakfast with Kerri, and dinner with Allison, while in New York City. It was rainy and windy in good old Manhattan, and our umbrellas insisted on succumbing to the wind.  Dear tester, I forgot you at home. Let’s try not to forget that again. Naomi Kingery’s book, “Sugar Free Me” came out and I was so excited for you, and you really are an inspiration!   My pumping experience went wireless in ‘08.   I was taught how to use the Omnipod, a.k.a. Sir Pod. Dr. Dewan started blogging for theDiabetic Do’s and Don’ts.  We met Diane, the newest member of the Diabetic Angels!  I blogged about pumping….To Pump or to Omnipod? I can now wear my Omnipod on my stomach – and I wore a dress without my pump being a big accessory.  My Diabetic Anniversary was on September 8th…15 years.  Team Diabetic Angels participated in the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes and raised over $4,000!  I wore the CGM to fine-tune my basal rates.  Thanks to Dr. Dewan and the Diabetic Do’s and Dont’s, he posted a Halloween Candy Carb List.

The Diabetic Angels have gone online, with a website, myspace and facebook. :]

In June, we visited family in New York City. We drove to Poughkeepsie, NY to see our sister Colee, John and Skylar.  We took a tiny airplane to Toronto Canada and received ____ award and sand Dreams at the Conference Dinner.    We moved our blog over to a new home and we finally blogged about The Caring Awards.

Jackie and I announced that we have been named as two of the spokespeople for Heart of Gold which was followed by an article in Justine Magazine’s August/September 2008 issue!!!  We went to Nashville and met our producer and manager to be and had the greatest time in Music City!  We were invited to sing at theJuvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Calgary’s Starry Starry Night Gala and met some amazing friends.

We saw Jackie and the Diabetic Angels on the back of Doritos Bags!!!

Mollie and Jackie MJ2 posted a YouTube video about Mollie and Jackie’s Hilarious Happy New Year!

I can’t believe it’s already December, this year has gone by so quickly! Next year will bring many exciting experiences and we are excited to see what comes next and appreciate everything that we’ve been blessed to do already. Happy New Year everyone!!!!

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Mollie // curemoll

I'm Mollie Singer! Type 1 Diabetic for 22 years, diagnosed at the young age of 4. I blog with my twin sister Jackie Singer and Mom and Aunt, named Jackie and Mollie (aka: Aunt Mama). You'll read about the ups and downs of living with diabetes, how my twin sister is my "Diabetic Angel" and how family is the most important thing in my life. We also LOVE music and are singers in a band called MJ2.
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