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Our friend Ashley is looking for some help from some awesome diabetics! She’s currently doing research through her college (Winona State University in Minnesota) on individuals with type 1 diabetes and their self-care behaviors! All she needs is some volunteers who are type 1 diabetics and at least 18 years old to take a super short survey!

If you would be willing to help out, let us know with your email address in the comment section here or inbox us at! 

Also if you know some people, PLEASE spread the word.
She needs 120 people by next month!

Thank You!

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As most of you know, MJ2 and the Diabetic Angels are HUGE supporters of the Diabetes Community and Research, and like most people in the DOC, we too are wearing blue, not because it’s our favorite color, but because it’s a state of mind. With that said, The Diabetic Angels’ website has shut down in protest! After years and years, there is still NO CURE for diabetes!  25.8 million people STILL have diabetes.  We’ve shut down the site on World Diabetes Day to protest on behalf of all diabetics, the fact that there is NO CURE. 

While we’re grateful to Dr. Banting, researchers, and the entire diabetic community for their tireless effort, governments and people around the world must unite to cure this devastating global disease.  Still don’t have a cure, still need insulin to survive, still need to prick our fingers, still have complications. “Still Have Diabetes” must become “Used To Have Diabetes!”

Join the Diabetic Angels in our protest and make your voice heard!  – follow us on twitterlike us on Facebook – instagram – subscribe

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#bgnow 438. Now blood sugar, reeeeally? Must you do this now? I have to wake early! And by the way, thanks Mr. Bad Insulin!! Now I NEED to change my pump site, open new insulin, and wake up at 1am to re-test. Great. No Keytones though, if i look on the bright side! 

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I’ve been having such a bad #diabetic day today. (You realllly don’t want to know any of my blood sugars) since I can’t eat, my Mom brought me a diet cherry limeade from #Sonic! #yum

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