Our Love of the DOC

In the beginning…Jackie and I were real trailblazers back in the day. What I mean is, before there was the grand awesomeness that is today known as the DOC (Diabetes Online Community) we were co-hosting and moderating webchats (yes, like an actual chatroom boys and girls), where we would conduct live interviews with doctors/researchers and other diabetes professionals and guests around the country would log on and talk amongst each other too (it was called “Diabetes Teen Talk” with Allison Nimlos) and for that hour, we all felt connected.

I mean pre-Twitter, pre-facebook, pre-Tumblr, sort of mini DOC era, our followers, the two of us (and the Diabetic Angels) and Allison, truly enjoyed this weekly communication and it was so fulfilling to witness diabetics and their friends and family being helped, encouraged, informed and empowered during that hour because of these simple little ‘chats.’ 

As you may know, that has grown into an entire community of people with diabetes, their family members and friends. We are so grateful to have been such a small yet integral part of shaping what the DOC is today and have loved watching it progress into countless twitter meet ups, Twitter Chats on Wednesdays, (#dsma on Twitter) and entire conferences (those conferences by the way, the people who attend – are representing all of the DOC out there.)  Have you read these Blogs that reach thousands of people every day? Kerri, Scott, Naomi, Allison, Michael, Amy, George, and sooooooo many more. So many blogs – that DiabetesDaily was created so that people could keep track of all of the blogs out there related to diabetes! (wow!)  

Without all of them and their support to so many, I don’t know where I would be. For example, Naomi Kingery is the reason I started blogging. I didn’t grow up or go to school with other people who had diabetes, other than attending the JDRF Children’s Congress, so Naomi was one of the first “people like me” I could find when I was looking for other people out there writing about diabetes and going through the same things I was going through. Her positive outlook on life and living with her diabetes was so inspiring and uplifting, I am forever  thankful, Naomi! She’s now an author of “The Sugar Free Series.” And that is the reason I still blog, because I know there are people out there going through the same things I am, and maybe I can help them. Even if its just with a comment on something they wrote. 

But it isn’t just the famous DOC bloggers that are a part of the DOC.  The Diabetic Online Community are ALL OF US! We’re all a family! All of us diabetics out there looking for support, advice, how-to’s, or just people who want to vent. 

It’s amazing and worthy of a big round of applause, for these are no small feat! For any blogger reading this, know that we truly admire and support everyone and your dedication involved in building the DOC… we hope you can feel the love from our keyboard to yours! 

P.S. If you’re proud to say that we were there contributing like us in the beginning, please like this post and/or tell us your story, we’d love to hear about your experiences! 

Connect with us! We’d love to welcome you and announce to the world you’re out there!  Making connections and commenting back to each other is SO important, so turn your replies on, your ask buttons, comments from disqus, whatever you need to do, give us all a way to comment! Let us know about your blog or Twitter name! Reply to this or @reply someone on twitter! (mine is @curemoll)

And if you’re feeling left out of the DOC, why? What are some things we can do??

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Looking a little bit lost….i’m guessing since it been welllllll over the 7 days I should I put in a new sensor? #dexcom #dexcomg4 #cgm #diabetes #t1d #type1

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My #diabetes #Christmas!!! All these boxes make me happy! I’ll be CGM’ing next time you see me!! #dexcomg4 #christmasinjuly #blogstocomekeepalookout

What other way to show my celebrate my 400th Blog Post than to be excited and happy to start back up on a CGM!!!! Many more blog posts to come!!

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Sick, Too High, Hungry, and Frustrated + Thinking CGM?

*As I write this, my blood sugar is very high. So, if this doesn’t make sense, I apologize.*

I try to not complain too much about my diabetes, and I know i haven’t written on here in quite a while, but I’ve been having a really bad “Diabetic Day.” well..lets just call it a “Bad Diabetic Weekend?” yeah. I kept waking up the next day hoping I would feel better, but it seems like my blood sugars are going nowhere along with this cold. No matter how much i correct.

I’ve already gone through 2 site changes, 2 bottles of insulin, taken some shots, and who knows how many bottles of water. 

I know when you have a cold, blood sugars are a challenge anyway, but this morning, well last night, I went to sleep and my number was 273, so I corrected and tested 2 hours later (umm 2:30 in the morning) and I was only 197. Then, at 6am, I was so thirsty, I woke myself up. Tested again and I was back up to 251. Woke up at 197. Took a shot to correct even though i was wearing my pump, but at this point, i was not convinced my insulin or my pump site was good. So after waiting a while, I took a shot for my breakfast, 2 eggs and a fiberOne Blueberry Muffin. calculated the carbs, took a shot, ate my cold eggs, and then changed my site with a new bottle of insulin. Waited.

Now it’s 1:30pm in the afternoon, I’m hungry, not really sure how i feel because I’m achy everywhere anyway, (thank you sore throat, chills, coughing) and I tested. Im 421. 421?????? How in the world??? I did not feel this one coming. 

Freaking out and not sure what to do anymore, I called my endocrinologist’s office and spoke to them about what’s been going on all weekend. She told me to test for key tones, (she waited on the line- they’re at TRACE, the light pink, 5 level. Not too bad, but still, I have key tones and she told me drink lots of bottles of water) and to re-test my blood sugar. Even though I was had tested 10 minutes earlier and also corrected with my pump, she said to test again anyway. I was 336. She said to wait the 2 hours before correcting anything, and to only take shots using my insulin pens, until I’m back under control. And of course, now, I’m sitting here chugging water and blogging.

I’m hungry. and I’m not thirsty. I don’t want water. anymore. can someone go eat lunch for me??

Being on a CGM Sensor right now would be a good idea. I go into my endocrinologist tomorrow and will ask about what I need to do to get back on it. (If you’ve read my past blogs, you’d know the CGM and I are not the greatest of friends in terms of accuracy, (this was years ago)) so I am open to anything.  Any thoughts on what you guys prefer wearing? The Dexcom? The Minimed CGM? Any reasons why one over the other???

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Short Survey!


Our friend Ashley is looking for some help from some awesome diabetics! She’s currently doing research through her college (Winona State University in Minnesota) on individuals with type 1 diabetes and their self-care behaviors! All she needs is some volunteers who are type 1 diabetics and at least 18 years old to take a super short survey!

If you would be willing to help out, let us know with your email address in the comment section here or inbox us at blog@diabeticangels.com! 

Also if you know some people, PLEASE spread the word.
She needs 120 people by next month!

Thank You!

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As most of you know, MJ2 and the Diabetic Angels are HUGE supporters of the Diabetes Community and Research, and like most people in the DOC, we too are wearing blue, not because it’s our favorite color, but because it’s a state of mind. With that said, The Diabetic Angels’ website has shut down in protest! After years and years, there is still NO CURE for diabetes!  25.8 million people STILL have diabetes.  We’ve shut down the site on World Diabetes Day to protest on behalf of all diabetics, the fact that there is NO CURE. 

While we’re grateful to Dr. Banting, researchers, and the entire diabetic community for their tireless effort, governments and people around the world must unite to cure this devastating global disease.  Still don’t have a cure, still need insulin to survive, still need to prick our fingers, still have complications. “Still Have Diabetes” must become “Used To Have Diabetes!”

Join the Diabetic Angels in our protest and make your voice heard!  – follow us on twitterlike us on Facebook – instagram – subscribe

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#bgnow 438. Now blood sugar, reeeeally? Must you do this now? I have to wake early! And by the way, thanks Mr. Bad Insulin!! Now I NEED to change my pump site, open new insulin, and wake up at 1am to re-test. Great. No Keytones though, if i look on the bright side! 

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