Tutorial Tuesday: T:slim Grab and Go

Tutorial Tuesday: T:Slim Grab and Go

It’s Tuesday!  So naturally it’s Tutorial Tuesday – T:slim Grab and Go!

When I first got my Tandem T:slim pump and was being trained by a pump specialist, my trainer gave me a wonderful tip that I wanted to share with all of you! As you may know, when you get a box of cartridges, it comes with the needle, cartridge, and syringe. All separate. Which is awesome! But when you’re in a hurry or getting ready to travel, sometimes people forget one piece to this puzzle and then they can’t use a syringe to draw the insulin out of the bottle…like some people we know (me!)

Cue plastic sandwich bags, and my problem has been solved!

So basically, if you have some sandwich bags lying around in your kitchen drawer and your pump supplies, then you have everything you need!

Step 1: Start with 1 of each of the supplies from the t:slim Cartridge Supply Box.
You will need:

    • 1 syringe
    • 1 fill needle
    • 1 cartridge
    • 1 sandwich bag

Step 2: Insert all 3 supplies into a plastic sandwich bag. (You could totally add an insertion set too! see photos below…)

Step 3: Repeat this process until all supplies are in separate sandwich bags.
(This way, when you’re in a hurry running out the door in the morning but need to change your site, [like i have many times] you grab a bottle of insulin, an insertion set, and your “cartridge bag” and ta-dah! You have everything and are totally ready for a set change!)

Note: You could either place all of the grab-and-go bags back into the box by pushing down the middle partition cardboard, or you could add the bags to wherever else you keep your supplies, whether it is a plastic bin or perfectly sized drawer.
After each use, since I “normally” change my site at home, I reuse the bags, but if I am traveling, I have found that having that extra bag to place each piece of the wrapper and the needle into becomes super helpful.

Here’s a pictorial because I am a visual learner and need to see an example of this. 😉



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#bgnow 438. Now blood sugar, reeeeally? Must you do this now? I have to wake early! And by the way, thanks Mr. Bad Insulin!! Now I NEED to change my pump site, open new insulin, and wake up at 1am to re-test. Great. No Keytones though, if i look on the bright side! 

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Happy #WorldDiabetesDay!!! We’re proudly wearing our #BigBlueTest tees from the @JDRFLasVegas Walk this weekend!! #wdd #JDRF #diabetes #type1 @askmanny @mj2twins @diabeticangels @mj2jackiej

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Eek! First time EVER putting my #SureT pump set in my stomach….this is normally NOT one of my favorite spots but my back needed a break ….we’ll see how this goes! Whats ur favorite spot to put your pump? #bullseye #ndamphotoaday #medtronic #diabetes
#insulinpump #type1

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#oops! I ran out of band-aids trying to keep my #sureT #pump site on without my skin being too irritated! #ndamphotoaday #medtronic #diabetic #Diabetes #tegaderm is under all of this! :/

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It took a lot of diabetic supplies to get my blood sugars back to normal today! So much stuff, I cant even carry it all in my hand. This morning, my bg was 115…then after breakfast and carb-counting, it was 367. After a shot, new pump site change, and another correction with the pump, I came down to 55. Ughh! I just cant win today. (Taken with instagram)

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Last thing you bought…was a Xing Tea Cherry Green Tea – sometimes these things are worth bolusing for. 🙂 yumm!! 🙂 #day22 #photoadayapril #tea #diabetes #medicalert #diabetic #bolus #insulin (Taken with instagram)

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Diabetic Insulin Pump Question!!! I was at my Endocrinologist this morning and he gave me a sample set of the Medtronic Sure-T Infusion Sites…..I am SO freaked out about an actual titanium needle being in me….does anyone have any thoughts? advice? comments? help? opinions? I’m really nervous to try it and would love some feedback before I stab this thing in my backside!!?

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hi! i was wondering if you like the MIO insertion? ive used the quickset infusion sets in the past and am about to get on a new pump. just trying to get an idea of which kind of insertion set is best :) thanks!!!

I LOVE the mio insertion sets! Please ignore my latest blog post…that never happens to the sets! But I have been using the Minimed Quickset for forever and in the last year or so I have switched to the Mio sets. I LOVE how it comes with the inserter because when I’m traveling or out and I need to change my site, I basically have everything I need…all i need is an insulin bottle, the Mio, and the reservoir to fill with insulin.  And I always used to forget the blue inserter that comes with the Quickset….but with the Mio, its all there for me! 🙂 

I could probably go on and on about this, but I think you’ll really love the Mio sets! If you have any questions, let me know! 🙂  
Which pump are you getting? 

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