My Diabetes is feeling 22 (ooh ooh)

Yep, I feel like i have to sing that in my head when i say the title of my blog post…in a Taylor Swift song kind of way.

I don’t know about you! But I’m feeling twenty-two! Everything will be alright if we keep dancing like my diabetes is 22, ooh-ooh. Twenty-two, ooh-ooh.

I don’t know about you, but I will be alright when we find the cure.

No more needles, no more pokes, no more worrying, no more bottles of insulin, no more test strips everywhere (I found one inside my shoe the other day), no more drinking apple juice because I have to…no more blood drops, no more diabetes.

But until that awesome day comes where the cure for Diabetes is found, I’m going to keep dancing and celebrate the fact that it’s been 22 years and I have NO complications from Diabetes. I’m pretty lucky, blessed, happy, thankful, and grateful! Thank you everyone who has helped me make it this far with my diabetes. My mom Jackie, my sister Jackie, my “aunt mama” Mollie,
my uncle b – Berlyn, my doctors, my friends, and all researchers!

Thank you for all that you do, even if it’s just a hug, and let’s not have another 22 years of this, ok? 🙂

Mollie Singer | – @curemoll – mj2twins

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Yesterday was my 17th Diabetic Anniversary…

Yep, yesterday, (September 8th) was my 17th Diabetic Anniversary…and I never had a chance to tweet or blog…I had a dentist appointment! Isn’t that exciting? Well any way I never got a chance to write anything on here because my cheeks were swollen. I can’t believe I’m typing that. Haha.

Since we couldn’t celebrate on Tuesday, we’ll be doing something this weekend to celebrate my 17 years of being healthy!!!!!! 🙂 I will definately write in here with pictures this weekend. 🙂 I’ve missed blogging, and it’s nice to be back writing as much as I can and even being inspired with a new look for! thanks for reading, and leave a comment with your blog so I cannadd it to my new Blogroll. 🙂

Always Praying for a Cure,

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