Dear Pump!!!

Dear Medtronic Minimed Pump,
You have no idea how happy I am that when I test before going to bed and need to bolus to correct a little, you decide to go all NO DELIVERY on me? What is with this? Now I have to wake up in the middle of the night again and make sure the insulin I thought was delivered wasn’t too much. 🙁
Hopefully, with the new site that I put in, which also went all No Delivery on me, goes through!

I am waiting on that beep beep! (the “yay it delivered the insulin” beep)

For now, goodnight. 🙂
3 Mollie

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Singing at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway


On Wednesday, April 9th, our Mom, Aunt Mama, Jackie and I all went out to the Speedway for our sound check. It was a great experience and everything went very smoothly and everyone was so helpful and we had tons of fun!Then on Sunday, April 13, 2008, was the big performance!

At around 9:30 am, we drove out to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway! Which, by the way, is awesome! At about 9:45, we arrived, we felt so special because we were told to park with the “Media” up close to the track. Then, we met up with Jeff Motley, the Senior Director of Public Relations for the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, just to make sure we knew where he wanted us and when.

This is funny, after we got there, we were standing randomly by the track, and the many photographers came up to us, asking if we were the National Anthem singers, and we excitedly said, “yes! We are!” The next thing we knew, flashes were going off, and everyone was yelling directions to look this way! And look that way, so they could take our pictures, it was a shooting frenzy, but exciting!

We’ve never had that happen before and all the excitement was making us anxious, but in a good way. We realized that we were about to sing at a very large venue for a very large crowd, and it felt like that’s where we belonged!

About fifteen minutes before we sang, we ran into Mr. Powell, Executive VP and General Manager of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, and when he was talking to us, he said, “well girls, are you excited to sing in front of 15,000 people and on National TV?!” I stepped back and took a big deep breath. To be honest, we hadn’t thought about how many people would be watching this on TV, let alone another 15,000 or so in the stands!!!!!

Mollie, Mr. Powell, and Jackie

At around 10:45, people led us across the track, near the pit, and onto a blue strip that our shoes stuck to. We don’t know what it was we were sticking to, but maybe it was a good thing, because the winds had gusts up to 50 mph that morning! someone who knows about cars would probably know why. Any way, we stood there for a while and calmed down, but we still had an edge of excitement as photographers continued to take our picture.

It was almost time to sing!

We were introduced, as The Singer Twins, and the Nellis Air-force Color Guard said, “Present Arms.” We paused out of respect for the flag and the Color Guard for a moment, and Jackie and I simultaneously began singing the National Anthem. It was so much fun!!

After we finished, we handed over our microphones to the announcers, and immediately plugged our ears, it’s amazing how loud 130 decibels can be! Who would’ve thunk that one little dragster could make SO much noise!

We were led back across the track and taken to our seats so we could enjoy our very first day at the race track! What a blast! The NHRANationals were a lot of fun and we’re now huge fans of drag racing!

Mollie and Jackie, and Missy Powell, wife of LVMS General Manager, and Jackie having a blast in the box!

Mollie, Jackie, and Jeff, this is the man who went out of his way to be helpful, thanks Jeff, we really appreciate everything you do for us!

As a matter of fact, while we were watching the races, all of a sudden, a beautiful car was brought onto the track to prepare for the race. In the background we heard the announcer speaking about JDRF, and as all of us looked closer at the car, we realized it was Cody “Flash” Perkins and hisJDRF car!! The story of the car is so interesting because he covered his car with JDRF to help raise awareness for Juvenile Diabetes. We didn’t happen to meet this special hero, but maybe someday we’ll have a chance to thank him in person! You go Cody!!! 🙂

Singing at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway was amazing, it’s something we’ll definitely always remember. We had so much fun!

And we took this picture of this truck because it belongs to a good friend who happens to be one of the co-owners of one of the hottest Country bars in Las Vegas called Stoney’s! :]

Thank you to everybody at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway! :]

To view more pictures, click here!

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Mudd Ad in Teen Vogue!! Can you believe it? :]


Wow, this picture to your left is part of Mudd’s National Advertising Campaign, and we are still shocked that it is us in the picture! But check out the blog entry and the story which explains how we ended up in the April Issue of Teen Vogue Magazine! When you’re through reading the story, please click on Thank You Mudd and if you think what Mudd is doing is a good thing, make a personal comment or add your name to the letter, and show your support forJDRF, MUDD, and the Mudd Girls Move the World Campaign! (Oh and by the way, my favorite part of the ad is also true…and anyone who knows Jackie would agree with me, that she really does have angel wings and a halo! 🙂 )

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Mudd Girls Move the World!!


So, up until today, Jackie and I haven’t been able to update because we’ve been so busy…due to switching from PC to Mac over Christmas break, creating a website, cleaning our house, getting ready for school, (wait, i didn’t even put my books from last semester away, never mind.) 🙂 Can you believe school starts on Tuesday? I was shocked at that sad realization! I’m really loving this break, its been fun!! But I am mainly writing in this today while on the plane to New York to update on what has been going on in our lives lately. For one, yes we’re going to New York!!! (oh my gosh) You see, last week, Jackie and I received a phone call from the Marketing Manager of MUDD, who enthusiastically asked to speak with Jackie and Mollie Singer. We politely answered, “yes, this is Mollie and Jackie…can we help you?” To our surprise, she exciedly told us that we had been selected as two of the four girls they will be using for the Mudd National Advertising Campaign, “Mudd Girls Move the World.” She went on to say that we would be flown to New York the following Tuesday for the all-day photo shoot and interview on Wednesday. We were very surprised, but thrilled and honored to have been chosen for this recognition and take seriously the opportunity to be role models. We appreciate that Mudd is using four everyday girls to demonstrate that all young girls can and should make a difference in their community, their country, and even the world! We are proud to be associated with Mudd and Iconix Brand Group Inc., for these corporations truly care enough to encourage young girls to become involved and support a cause in which they believe! We can already tell that this trip to New York is going to be so much fun! We can’t wait until tomorrow!! What a wonderful opportunity this is for all of us! We really are blessed! Thank you Mudd! 🙂

New York: Day 1, “Safe Travels!” The flight to NY was great, when we came down to the baggage claim, there was a nice man waiting to pick us up who was easy to spot because he stood in the middle of the baggage claim area holding up a bright pink sign with our names, “Mollie and Jackie.” We got in the car, and headed for Manhattan! Justine, the Marketing Manager of Mudd, had plans for the three of us “out of towners” to meet and get to know each other at a 7:30 dinner, which by the way had amazing guacamole! …can you believe we live in the Southwest and had to go to NYC to get great Guacamole Dip? We had the chance to meet Brittany, another one of the four role models, who is an absolutely beautiful and personable girl, not to mention, amazing. The project Brittany and her and her brother began is alleviating worry and bringing joy to soldiers and their families, this is truly admirable. Brittany and her brother are the two young people who started Cell Phones for Soldiers. Check them out at We are so proud to know her! Over the course of the night, we had a chance to get to know each other, and were amazed at how much the three of us and our families had in common! New York: Day 2, “The Photo Shoot” 6:30am (3:30am in Las Vegas!!!!!) We were up, getting dressed, eating a light breakfast at 8:15, and by 8:30, we were in a yellow cab on our way to the studio for the Photo Shoot! When we got there, we finally met Samantha, the fourth role model. She’s really a beautiful person, inside and out, who also happens to have a huge heart and spends much of her free time helping children with Cancer. We also met Marc, Victoria, Stephanie, Justine, and a group of wonderful professionals, who made up the crew that filmed the MUDD shoot. These talented people helped make our day very very special! Especially world renowned photographer, Marc Baptiste, acclaimed make-up artist, Mally Roncal and her cohort Christine, along with Bradley, a much sought after hair stylist, as well as Kithe, the creative artist who put together all the outfits the girls wore….he gave us our total look, and Matt Piccolo, the writer, producer, and director, who filmed the entire shoot!!!!(

The one and only Marc Baptiste, (father of twin daughters), Jackie in the middle, and Mollie on the right!

Me, the very talented Christine, and Jackie after the photo shoot! :]

Matt interviewing Jackie and Mollie after the photo shoot!!!

This picture is the result of a lot of hard work on the part of the entire crew. How nice of them to make all of us look our best 🙂 Brittany, Me, Jackie, and Samantha!

Mudd Girls Really Do Move the World!!!

Jaye, 1/17/08 at 3:10 am
OMG I am so happy for the both of you. That is an amazing thing to be chosen for!!! I love you both! Can’t wait to hear from you!!! :):)

Sweet Blood, 1/18/08, at 3:49 pm
I have type I diabetes 25 years ago. I come from Spain. Excuse me for my English.
I invite you to visit and take part in my web. You can to send diabetes news, comment it, vote it, etc. (Do you know DIGG?).
The web: http://diabetesnews.corank.comThank you.
Sweet Blood

Seonaid, 1/24/08 at 3:55 am
congratulations on mudd mollie! that’s really awesome, I look forward to reading about NYC- I’m sure you’re really busy though!

Jaye, 2/3/08 at 10:27pm
WOW!! Look at you girls! that is amazing! Me and Chris were just looking at the pictures, and we think you girls look amazing!! I’m so proud of you two!! Love you so muchhh!!!!

Shannon, 3/7/08 at 4:42 pm
HEY!! Congratulations on the campaign! That’s incredible! I hope you had fun with the shoot.

Manda, 3/10/08 t 9:02pm
Hey ,
I’ve had juvenile diabetes for 2 years already and i just wanted to say that you guys are amazing ! Congratulations on everything ! keep up the great work in everything you do.

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4 more Finals!

One final in Guitar,
One final in Music Sight-Singing,
Two finals in Communications, (take-home and in-class)
By 3:45pm on Wednesday afternoon, Jackie and I will be done with our classes for the semester!
Back to studying….and going to the National Finals Rodeo!!! 
Have a great day everyone!

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What a week this is going to be….

The Honors Showcase was a blast, 
Saturday night was amazing…more on that later…but we sang the National Anthem at theUNLV Hockey Game!!!
One final down, 4 more to go!
The NFR starts this Thursday!!! (oh my gosh, I’m so excited!)
We sang the National Anthem this morning for a luncheon!
:]wow, I don’t even time to elaborate on any of these….you’ll have to keep checking back….
(man, i have a lot of updating with pictures, of course, to do after finals are over…we seriously have no time.)

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Another Low…

Oh man, once again, I went to class on Tuesday morning. (Obviously) Hatha Yoga was our first class at 7:30am. (too early!) It was a great class, soo relaxing…I love the last ten minutes…we signed in, gathered our stuff, and we only had 10 minutes to get across campus and into the music building, up to the second floor, down the hall and in the class by 8:30…Jackie walks very fast, and I was trying to keep up with her. Normally I can, and even beat her there, but not today.

No. I didn’t test my blood sugar after Yoga, and I notice now that I really should have. I sat down, and then started feeling the low. I reached into my backpack to find my tester bag…thankfully it’s in a bright bag, otherwise, there would have been a major search for it! I tested my blood sugar.

8:24am: 41 mg/dL. All i could think of was oh my goodness…..that’s really low. I took out the bottle of orange juice in my backpack, leaned over and whispered my number to Jackie who took out the bottle of orange juice that she was also carrying, just to be safe, and asked if I had turned my insulin pump down. Yes, it’s 0.1 for an hour. I drank the whole bottle. 10 ounces. And just sat in class trying not to fall asleep because I felt so weak. I can’t tell you what we learned but it had something to do with Chapter 9 in our book.

I tested at 9:18am and my number had come all the way up to 69. Class was out by 9:30 and we sat outside the music building. I called my mom who was driving my Aunt and Uncle to the airport at the time.

When you have a low blood sugar, can people recognize it just from your voice?

Apparently, my mom and aunt could and asked what was wrong. I told them why, and what I had done, and she suggested I test again, (Now I was 51 mg/dL) I drank more juice, since my number had dropped again. By this time, my stomach was full of juice, and I just wanted to sit there and wait for it to come up. Yay for orange juice! (ughh)

Just 20 minutes later, I was 106…and Mom picked me up from school to take me home and get my blood sugars up there. I fell asleep for an hour…and was 97 when I woke up. She took us to lunch, and before our guitar lesson, my number was 215…and i bolused for it then.

What a day. I’m exhausted!

We had a sound check at 3:00 for the Honors Showcase on Thursday night! It went pretty well, we’re act number 11 of 12, and its really exciting! Tonight should be great. Pictures up soon. I’m still trying to update from Washington, D.C. But the last couple of weeks have been non-stop busy between finals coming up, unpacking, rehearsing, rehearsing the National Anthem to record on Friday, and studying. So I will post them, and let you know how our trip was! In one word though, i would say it was overwhelmingly fun. (okay, that’s 2 words). :] I’m writing this in the library, and the cutest guy just sat down in one of the desks next to me. :] lol.

Happy Thursday! :]

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3 more weeks until the semester is over.
3 days until the Honors Showcase….(yay!)
4 more hours to finish this essay.
ohhh man. that list could keep running….
:]it’s okay though, i’ll get all of this done…..i will, i will!

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Blog Meme

Thank you Kerri, I too, am running out of original thoughts this month for the NaBloPoMo. oh man, here goes. If anyone has any other memes, please email them to me.

How long have you been blogging?
I originally started Curemoll on Xanga on March 22, 2004. It’s been over 3 years! (woahh)

What inspired you to start a blog?

I was inspired to start blogging because I had seen some blogs on diabetes but wanted to start my own, and write about my thoughts with diabetes, and remember all the times when we travel. I’m really glad that by this year, blogging has really become popular and it’s nice to read other blogs about diabetes and know you’re not the only one. I was inspired to create this blog on WordPress after I had seen Kerri’s blog at SixUntilMe Blog and thought it looked so much more professional and readable than mine.

Are you trying to make money, or just doing it for fun?

I am not trying to. I write in this blog to share my experiences of diabetes to other people who are looking for someone to talk to, someone to tell them that we;re all going through this.

What are three things you struggle with online?

Desiging the blog‚ all this code is hard and takes up too much time for me to make my own layout..anyone want to help? hehe

Second….probably keeping on topic

Third…writing more‚ and more often.

What are three things you love about being online?

I love knowing that my blog is reaching people, feeling like I’m involved in a community, and one day, I‚Äôll be able to come back to this and see what life was like years from now. :]

And if you could entice someone else to start a blog, who would it be?

My sister, she is such a good writer!

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