Looking a little bit lost….i’m guessing since it been welllllll over the 7 days I should I put in a new sensor? #dexcom #dexcomg4 #cgm #diabetes #t1d #type1

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Tutorial Tuesday: How To Protect My Dexcom Screen

I know it’s been a bit since I posted a Tutorial Tuesday, but since starting on the Dexcom, the protective screen they ship it with was starting to peel off…and I felt like I should show you how I re-used the peel-off cover to cut out a new Zagg Invisible Shield for my Dexcom! Even if you don’t have that anymore, this will still work!  So here goes! 


STEP 1: Gather Supplies


  • Zagg Invisible Shield Universal Screen Protector Kit
    (I bought mine from BestBuy, there 2-packs at the time, so I’m not sure what they sell now, but that way, theres no cut outs for iPhone speakers in the Universal Versions) 😉
           -cleaning cloth
           -Zagg Screen Protector
           -Surface Smoother, (name?) similar to a credit card.
           -Application spray
  • Dexcom G4 Platinum Receiver 
  • Scissors
    (not pictured)

STEP 2: In my case, I peeled off the cover that Dexcom comes shipped with to use for a template. See pictured –>

curemoll-How To Protect The Dexcom Screen

STEP 3: Trace, mark, and cut the invisible shield to size. You can mark the side of the Invisble Shield that has “REMOVE” writing all over it, this gets thrown away later. So don’t worry about the marks! For the center, the trace i made was not quite small enough, so you might need to cut it when you stick it to the Dexcom. (More on that later)

curemoll-How to Protect The Dexcom Screen

STEP 4: Before going on, make sure you have the Dexcom cleaned, I used a damp alcohol pad and made sure there were no streaks with the cleaning cloth. 

STEP 5: After lightly spraying your fingers with the Application Spray  that comes in the Zagg Invisible Shield Kit, to prevent finger prints, peel back the Invisible Shield Cover. curemoll- How to protect the Dexcom Screen

STEP 6: (Not pictured) Place the Invisible Shield film over the Dexcom and make sure the middle buttons are not covered by the film, you might need to cut those edges during this application….

STEP 7: Flatten the film over the Dexcom and then use the cleaning cloth to smooth everything over and make sure there are no air bubbles. In my opinion, Invisible Shield is my favorite to unprotect my Dexcom and Pump Screen, just because once you apply this, it doesn’t peel back when putting it in cases and on a belt clip…this will stay on FOREVER and bubbles never come back! curemoll- How to Protect The Dexcom Screen

STEP 8: After everything is smooth, tah-dah! There you go! Be careful putting this is in a case for a few hours, but you should be all good and covered for a long time to come! 

Here is the finished product: 


See this also on Pinterest, feel free to like and re-pin! 

Do you have any tips and tricks or tutorials you’d like to see?

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My #diabetes #Christmas!!! All these boxes make me happy! I’ll be CGM’ing next time you see me!! #dexcomg4 #christmasinjuly #blogstocomekeepalookout

What other way to show my celebrate my 400th Blog Post than to be excited and happy to start back up on a CGM!!!! Many more blog posts to come!!

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and my a1c is…..

After more than 20 years of diabetes, you would think I’m used to this feeling. The uncertainty of sitting in the doctor’s office waiting for the result of my a1c every three months. No. Never. I still don’t like the days I go to my endocrinologist and they poke my finger for this test result.

I know people have told me that it’s just a number, going to the doctor is more than your a1c, it’s not all that matters, and that helps me keep this in perspective. But seeing it at 7.8 this time was disappointing and I guess I was wishing for it to be better. I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my pump sites, sometimes forgetting to bolus for dinner, and I know basal rates are a bit questionable/not quite right in the morning. But thanks to my wonderful endocrinologist who changed my pump settings, it’s making a difference in my blood sugars! Yay Insulin Pumps! These next three months will be better!

I’m also looking into getting back on the Medtronic CGM sensor and getting my blood sugar back in control. Hopefully by next time, my a1c will be 7.0 or lower!  I’m going to try to stay positive! 🙂

At least the CareLink USB now works on Apple computers using Firefox!

Here’s to the next few days of 2 hour tests to check my basal rates! 🙂

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Bad Sensors

So last Thursday, I put the sensor back in my hip, with help from my mom, because well, getting the right angle there myself would be pretty hard for the first time. And it felt awesome, somtimes I even forgot the sensor was there, compared to when it was in my stomach‚  i could feel it all the time and sometimes it hurt if i bent over. Sooooo it was working for‚ 2 whole days and 8 hours!!!!! Isn’t that awesome?  YEppppp except for when on the 9th hour it says “Cal Error” and then eventually, “bad sensor” at midnight, then again at 1:00 becuase i tried to re-use it and say “find lost sensor‚” nope it didnt like the sensor, so around 1:30 i’m still awake turning the sensor off so i could actually get some sleep!!

So Minimed is sending me a new box of sensors, becuase this Lot of sensor has to be bad, i mean, none of them have lasted over 3 days‚ and it just hasnt been working well for me. But when it was working this last time, it was very accurate and a great experience.

I think i just need to get used it, have working sensors, and learn how to use it to the best of my ability so it can be helpful, and be abe to wear them in Washington, DC in May!!!!!!!

have a goodnight!!  <3

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The Minimed Continuous Glucose Monitor

I have been meaning to update my blog since last Thursday, obviously I’ve been too busy to sit here and type all of this and update, so here goes! (while i have a couple minutes at least) Last thursday, I went back on the Sensor. I was using the inserter wrong so that is what caused the bleeding around the site! The inserter has to be on its “toes” and when the needle goes in and its still stuck to the inserter, its like this little dip motion, not straight out or straight over. My mom took this pictures, and thought I’d put them up here to see the process.

There is the inserter, and my stomach, where i’m trying to press the button

I was scared and hesitant, so heres another angle, while i was thinking that i really needed to press that white button or i’d just be standing there all afternoon. hehe

theres the site! with the needle still in!

and this is me taking the needle out while holding the two sides of the site, and then making sure the tape was down.

So that worked well, and then i gave it 5 minutes for the skin to get used to having something there. I then attached the transmitter, the white thing, which is actually pretty small.


And then i waited the two-hour period where the sensor starts‚ and entered my BG, which was low again, it was like 80! So yeah, that red dot you see is the mark from the last sensor i had in last week. (it’s still healing).

I had a couple problems with the sensor over the weekend, however. About 1 day and 18 hours later, its giving me a “Cal Error” or calibration error after i had entered my BG (you do that every 12 hours) or up to 4 times a day. I was like, this thing is only almost 2 days old, it shouldn’t be bad! phshhhh sure enough, after another Cal Error, it says “Bad Sensor” I thought to myself, “No! Not now!!!!” So i called the Minimed 24 hour helpline, (they are really nice!) and talked to someone for like a half hour trying to fix my sensor and see what was going on, if the sensor was really bad, if i had to replace it, or if i could restart it, and find the old one, and not have to change the whole sensor. I didn’t change the sensor and about 2 hours later, it asked me for my BG. So i put it in, and all was good for about 4 hours‚ after dinner, while we were all watching a movie on the couch, it starts beeping again! “Call Error, Cal Error, Bad Sensor!!!!” i was starting to get really frustrated at this point. I called Minimed, yet again, and they said to take the sensor out, since there was barely any signal, and it was the 2nd time i had to tried this. So to re-use it would pretty much be pointless. I took it out, (yay!) and went to sleep at 1am. and was sooo tired on Sunday! ughhh.

I just changed my insulin pump site and may put the sensor on my hip or lower back this time, and see if that gives the sensor more than a day to work. So we’ll see! My numbers were great on Friday and Saturday though, i’ll tell you that, the graph was almost a straight line, it was so cool to look at!

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Taking a Couple Days Off…

Good and Bad news here…On Sunday around 6:30, it was exactly 3 days of being on the sensor! It was beeping and telling me to change my sensor‚ but i tried to start a new one, as if i didn’t change it, and it said, “Bad Sensor‚” and “Cal Error” -many times. So i took the sensor out, (with a big sigh of relief) and washed the area, (which was red, becuase apparently, i am still sensitive to the IV3000 tapes.) it was worth a try, but the tape just wasn’t working for me, it was so itchy and irritated. So i put some cortaid on it and came back to the dinner table‚ with a look on a my face as though I was “stressed” and i was! I was unsure if taking the sensor was the right thing to do, and that i’d have to put another one in and wait 2 hours. But i tested again, and my blood sugar was really really high, like 318, and not going down. So i bolused again, and re-inserted my sensor‚ so i get everything ready, the tape was off, and it was in the inserter and everything‚..i get the courage to actually press the white button, and it goes in‚ i took the needle out, and it immediately started bleeding where the needle was and eek it was gross and really hurt. I took the sensor off, it was still bleeding, and i finally got it to stop after i put a cold cloth on it.

I tried it again at about 9:20‚ and the same thing happened, but worse. And the spot really hurt!!!!! So then, I was reading, and tested, and i was 55!  Mom got me some juice and made me a piece of toast, and i sat there for a while, and i just felt so off, like going from a blood sugar in the 300s then to 55 was a drastic change, and it took a while to feel better.  :[

So I talked to the person who trained me last night, and she said that bleeding is not normal, and if it happens, to put a cotton ball right over where the needle would be so it doesnt happen. I didn’t want to try that, so I am going to wait until this Thursday when she comes and i can show her what happened and maybe the technique is wrong. So i’m glad for Thursday. The sensor, while it worked, seemed great, it was sometimes not that accurate, (they say it can be 20% higher or lower).

Happy Diabetes Alert Day!   hehe

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A1C and Going on the Medtronic Continuous Glucose Monitor

OKay, so my Hemoglobin A1c wasn’t exactly what i was hoping for, but I have been sick, and have this awful habit of forgetting to bolus for meals‚ not on purpose, i just simply forget..so the big news

my A1c is 7.7! (grrrrrrrr)

i actually thought it would have been much higher‚ but yep‚ 7.7……ahhhh thats upsetting. i just get so disappointed. Ugh, so on another note:

On March 22, 2007, I went on the Medtronic Minimed Continuous Glucose Monitor! 
I was trained for about 2 hours on it, and truthfully, it wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be! The inserter isn’t that much of a big deal‚ just deciding to press the white button took a lot of committment haha. Seriously, i was scared, since well, i never ever put my site for my pump in my stomach, and decided to put this site there, becuase it’s really not “infusing‚” anything, so it shouldn’t bother me that much. I know its there, but it doesn’t hurt, so thats pretty cool.  So at about 4 something, i put the actual site in, and had to wait 2 hours for it to be calibibrated, and i was actually low, (69) and the sensor said i was 70! So at around 6:25, it beeped, and i was like, oooh that was a much different beep than the usual, it’s been 2 hours, you better test‚ beep. So i told Jackie and my mom and so we entered my BG and then went to dinner.

The sensor is cool, and i think i’m really going to like it! It’s going to help me figure out how i can get better control with my diabetes. And I’m looking forward to getting my a1c down much lower‚ so hopefully this will help. Well I didn’t get much sleep last night, becuase it was beeping, and I had to put my pump on vibrate rather than beep beucase i never hear the beeping at night‚ but the vibrate setting keeps waking me up. but it was a good thing becase I tested my blood sugar at 3:15 and 6:08 this morning, and corrected at 6 for a high blood sugar, and was still high in the morning, but that was because i under-bolused and slept in.  So yeah, the sensor is going to take some getting used to, and just inserting it will take a while for the next couple weeks, but i think i will definatley end up loving this sensor and loving how much it can help my diabetes. I really like it so far, its small, lightweight, and i can shower and go swimming with it on, so that is pretty cool. I’ll keep updating about the Sensor and how it is and what it’s like to wear it. BUt going on it was a good experieince and i’m glad  I have notes to look back on! hehe.

Have a great weekend everybody!

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Medtronic Continuous Glucose Monitor

Oooh! I’m like a little kid when it comes to getting things in the mail at 10:30 in the morning.

Because those 3 huge boxes can’t just sit on the kitchen counter and not be opened‚ and plus, one of the boxes has to be refrigerated? (i still havent figured this one out yet.) Okay so guess what came?

The Minimed Continuous Glucose Monitor!!!!!

I’m afraid to open it, but i’ve started to read the instruction book and we have to call a trainer so i can learn how to use this the right way. I’m excited about this! Hopefully I’ll be able to get my blood sugars back in line..

I really want to test my a1c before‚ even though its really not going to be what i had hoped, but i’ve been sick. Why do i always test my a1c when i’m sick? its a thing i have for the a1c i guess. lol.

So theres this cure little charger, it looks a lot like on those “Page up‚” paper holders. (to me, at least).

Well I’m really excited and i’ll write about when i go on it next week.

So do you like the new blog? I think its more organized and everything.

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