Saturday Snapshots: Travel Edition!

As part of #dBlogWeek (Diabetes Blog Week), Here’s Saturday’s prompt, Saturday Snapshots….

Whether driving or flying (my TSA blog will be posted soon, so look out!), traveling can be quite complicated, and when you add diabetes supplies to the picture, it gets even messier trying to pack after anticipating every possible problem that might arise.

After many a sleep-deprived night and much trial and error (and sometimes even shipping my supplies, haven’t we all been there before!), this picture is the kit I have had ever since I can remember. Maybe we’re so organized because my family and I have traveled coast to coast on a regular basis since we were around 6 years old. The four of us girls, my mom, my aunt mama (who was on JDRF national committees, which required her to take monthly trips for most of our childhood), myself and my twin sister all have fond memories journeying back and forth from our hometown of Las Vegas to Washington, D.C, when we were little and advocating for increased funding for diabetes research, and going back and forth to Nashville, Tennessee more and more for our music career.

So since I just refilled everything, I figured this is as good a time as any to show you what I have pre-packed at any moments notice to grab and go take a trip or incase of a fire, this is always near by!! Any tips I can share with you, please feel free to adapt into your travel stash and I’d really love it if you shared some your own favorite travel bag pics/hints in the comment section below too!

I have a bigger bag for longer trips, but the picture above is my “small” bag that you can find at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, in the beauty bag section with the clear pockets inside. I know, you’re probably saying that it’s a lot, a lot, i know. But diabetes always comes with lots of stuff. See?


  • Infusion Sets
    Depending on the amount of days I’ll be out town, I bring 1 Infusion set per day plus 2-3 extras for those “just incase” moments. 
  • Insulin Reservoirs
    Same for these, 1 for each day, plus 2-3 extra. (Factoring in the weather, bad insulin, etc.)
  • Test Strips
    Pictured 4 bottles (50 strips per bottle). This also depends on how long I’ll be out of town, but I ALWAYS bring WAAAAAY more than usual.
  • Tegaderm Tape
    For the Sure-T Infusion Sets at least, I need this tape to keep the Sure-T’s on me without falling out. 
  • Glucose Tablets
    Yes I know you thought those were M&M’s Mini’s? They’re actually 20 glucose tabs! See my tutorial on that here!
  • Band-Aids
  • Kleenex
  • Insulin Bottles 
    I leave them in their boxes incase TSA needs a Prescription, never know, right?
  • Syringes (old style syringes, just incase!)
  • Pen Needles 
  • Humalog Pen 
  • Levemir Pen
  • Frio Cooler Pack 
    I keep my 2 brand new Humalog and Levemir Pens in a Frio Cooler Pack, which keeps the insulin cold and I put this back in my purse once I get through TSA incase of emergency or a very high blood sugar during the flight/road trip, i can inject a shot IM [intermuscular] in my arm. 
  • Batteries
    AAA to be exact, at least that’s what my Medtronic Pump needs, you can adapt this for your Omnipod, Animas, etc.
  • Doctor’s Letter
  • Penlet Needles
    I use Accu-Check Multi-Clix because I am one of those people who does not change my Poker’s Lancet every time i poke my finger, so this defiantly reminds me. 

It would be great to get a good collection of different diabetic bags, so the next time you pack your diabetic supplies, take a picture and hashtag #diabetestravelbag on instagram and/or facebook with your perfectly packed travel bag and I’ll repost it and feature it here!!

Feel free to re-pin it on Pinterest too!

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