11 Year Diabetic Anniversary

I was only 4 years old. My family and I were at the Wayne Newton showrooms watching him perform. It was a night I will never forget. I was drinking so much water and regular soda and I had to go the restroom a lot. My blood sugars were high! The next day, my mom knew something was wrong, she just didn’t know what.  We went to the hospital and to make a long story short, my blood sugar was 800. The doctors said that my numbers would be around 200-300 for the next six months.  So, I am writing this journal to remember that 11 years ago today, was the day before I was diagnosed with this wonderful disease.

Tomorrow is my diabetic anniversary.

That is, the day I was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes, at the age of four on September 9th, 1994. My diabetes has put me through a lot of things. Extra responsibilities, having to carry a bag full of supplies and all the extra stuff that goes with it, but it has also made me stronger and I am so glad I am alive and well. There are lots of memories before and after I was diagnosed, both good and bad.  But I am blessed that I was diagnosed with a disease that I can control and still be alive when I grow up, so I am grateful to have such a wonderful life to live. I am a happy person and smile ALL the time!

When the cure is found, which will be soon, I can have: regular soda, real ice cream, candy bars, without taking insulin, and all kinds of foods without seeing an insulin pump and pushing buttons! Also, when the cure is found, I won’t have to worry my family, or worry that my twin sister may also suffer with this dreadful disease. I won’t have to worry if my kidneys are okay and if my general health is good or bad every time I give blood.  I won’t have to wear my pump and have people wonder what that thing is. I won’t have to change my insulin pump site with an inserter and needle. I won’t have to test my blood sugar 10-15 times a day anymore.

I could be like any normal person and not have to think about my blood sugar every minute of every day.

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