My Dog’s One Year Diabetic Anniversary

So today marks one year since my Labrador retriever, Bruno, was diagnosed with Diabetes.

My mom, my sister, and I were in Nashville, Tennessee at the time and my dad called mom to tell her that Bruno seemed like he wasnot feeling good, so he took him to the vet. This had been going on for a while before that, where Bruno was just not himself at all…we all knew something was wrong, just not what was wrong.

The vet started to run some tests, and my dad took him to the vet that day, and dad called later that day,and the vet told him the wonderful phrase, “your dog is a diabetic,” So for the past year, we’ve been testing him around 4 to 6 times a day, sometimes more depending on his number.

From time to time, he has major lows and loves his maple syrup.

When his blood sugars are high- he gets very sluggish, tired, and sleeps through the day.

Bruno also, has a “diabetic log” that we write in every time we test him, feed him, exercise, or even if we changed the insulin.

He uses human “Regular‚” and “N‚” (the same kind i used to use when i was on shots when i was younger!) hehe

The dog versions of the insulin don’t absorb as well for Bruno‚ but the insulins we use are working great‚ he’s doing really well‚ sometimes his blood sugars are even better than mine..haha!

I love you Bruno! and Happy Anniversary!!!! i need a picture‚ I’ll post one when we get home from California.

Mollie // curemoll
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Mollie // curemoll

I'm Mollie Singer! Type 1 Diabetic for 22 years, diagnosed at the young age of 4. I blog with my twin sister Jackie Singer and Mom and Aunt, named Jackie and Mollie (aka: Aunt Mama). You'll read about the ups and downs of living with diabetes, how my twin sister is my "Diabetic Angel" and how family is the most important thing in my life. We also LOVE music and are singers in a band called MJ2.
Mollie // curemoll
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