My 18th Diabetic Anniversary and CNN!

Hi everyone! So as I’m typing this, a CNN camera crew is standing right in front of me videotaping Jackie and I blogging and working on the Diabetic Angels website right now! The four of us, MJ2, are being featured on CNN/HLN’s special segment called “Breakthrough Women” and they have been interviewing us about our music and advocacy throughout the years and talking about how we founded the Diabetic Angels. Today has been amazing so far and we will keep you updated!  

[updated on september 8, 2011]


This is really cool! 

So, the reason why I am CELEBRATING the anniversary of having diabetes for 18 years is because I am grateful that I am healthy and complication free, and it’s a “normal" way to reward myself, only I get to do it once a year! 🙂
As you can see, we are enjoying the World Famous Pazookie Trio that Jackie said I had to have and has been researching for quite some time now…she had my dessert extravaganza all planned out! 🙂 That was so sweet of her and it SO worth the insulin! We both thoroughly enjoyed it!

By the way, incase you were wondering what a Pazookie is, [I also had no idea before Jackie discovered this] but Jackie says it’s "an abnormally large cookie with vanilla "bean” ice cream trio with three little baby samples…chocolate, peanut butter, and oatmeal cookies.“ :] 

It was SO gooood. 🙂 We had heard from a few friends on Facebook how good the Pazookie was, and they were right! 🙂 

Thank you everyone for all of the thoughtful Facebook comments on my 18th Diabetic Anniversary. I love reading them, and am so happy that this day was memorable in so many ways, right down to CNN documenting it! 🙂

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Mollie // curemoll

I'm Mollie Singer! Type 1 Diabetic for 22 years, diagnosed at the young age of 4. I blog with my twin sister Jackie Singer and Mom and Aunt, named Jackie and Mollie (aka: Aunt Mama). You'll read about the ups and downs of living with diabetes, how my twin sister is my "Diabetic Angel" and how family is the most important thing in my life. We also LOVE music and are singers in a band called MJ2.
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